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Kpakpando Media


The mission of Kpakpando Media, comprising Kpakpando Community Radio and Kpakpando Community Newspaper, can be summed up in a quest to pioneer a new perspective in Nigerian journalism by shifting focus from the conventional urban-based journalism to the rural communities.

The focus of Kpakpando Media is therefore to continuously and consistently provide an objective and honest voice for all segments of the people of non-urban and semi-urban communities, including community leaders, business owners,politicians, educational,religious and cultural institutions as well as feed them with up-to-date information on how people and events reflect on their community values. In doing this, Kpakpando Media strives to bridge the communication and information gap that has for a very long time existed between the rural and urban communities in Nigeria on the one hand, and between rural communities and local, State and Federal governments, a bridge that has led to slow rate of development of rural communities – socially, economically, educationally and politically.

Our mission of bridging the rural-urban information gap also includes making the voice of our rural dwellers heard by government and non-governmental organizations charged with development-oriented services to the people by highlighting the problems of rural dwellers and helping to attract government attention and solution.

At the same time, the Kpakpando Media acts as a development catalyst, mobilizer and educator to awaken the self-help creative potentials of rural dwellers towards the betterment of their own condition by seeking practical solutions for the problems affecting their communities through social, economic and political development initiatives to augment government interventions.

We also showcase the creative potentials and achievements of our rural communities in diverse areas of endeavor including politics, business and self-help community development including giving a strong voice to the arts and culture of rural communities and spreading the word about all the great events taking place in our rural communities, both for the entertainment and edification of urban dwellers.

These are in addition to providing quality advertising and exposure to rural business owners at cheap and affordable rates so they can promote their product or service within and beyond the immediate vicinity.

At the same time, we aim to enhance the literacy level of rural dwellers through coverage of local events and business and low newspaper cover price which makes it affordable to the majority of rural residents. In this way too, we promote and sustain the cultural and traditional norms of rural communities.

In this way, Kpakpando Media is pioneering a shift from the traditional press approach to rural coverage which has largely been limited to reportage of crimes and other negative events, but hardly reports good or positive news about the rural communities such as achievements in community development, conflict resolution and peace process, education, business, agriculture, etc.

Finally, the Kpakpando Media aims at being a real community newspaper and a platform that really cares and nurtures the people it promotes and works with, namely, the rural communities. Thus, over the the past one year of inception, Kpakpando Media , through its Micro-Finance subsidiary has given over twenty million naira in women empowerment interest-free loans as well as in free donations and in-kind services to widows, destitutes and the less privileged rural dwellers as a way of enhancing and maintaining sustainable rural livelihoods.

In summary, the mission of Kpakpando Media encapsulates a mission to re-discover and project the problems and prospects of rural dwellers and help them find solutions as well as celebrate their achievements and assist them grow their creative potentials in all areas of livelihood, thus enhancing rural socio-economic status, reducing traditional rural poverty and reversing the current rise in rural-urban migration in the country.