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View Author: Nwanokwara Ncheta,
'21 August 10, Tuesday 08:58 pm


JONAPWD Anambra Held her 2nd Quarter general meeting and Empowers 3 members

The Joint National Association of Persons With Disabilities JONAPWD Anambra State Chapter on Saturday 11 July 2021 held her second general meeting of the year at St Mark's Catholic Church Abagana.

Delivering a message titled 'Fear Not' gotten from 2 Chronicles Chapter 32 verse 7 and 8, the chairman of Joint National Association of Persons With Disabilities JONAPWD Anambra State Chapter Comrade Ugochukwu Ernest Okeke urged his members to always trust in God and never rely on human beings pointing out that the reason why persons with disabilities should not fear is because they are the image of God and that God is always with them.He thank God for sustaining the lives of his members and appreciated those that were present. He expressed his happiness over the turn out of the members.

The chairman also informed the members that because of the subvention gotten from the Ministry of Women Affairs in 2019 JONAPWD has decided to empower 3 of its members from different clusters who have already learnt skills.

Comrade Ugochukwu Okeke also announced officially that Anambra State Albinism Association (ASAA) is now a cluster with Joint National Association of Persons With Disabilities (JONAPWD) Anambra State Chapter with their chairperson as Miss Vivian Ezeonwumelu.

In another development Comrade Ugochukwu Okeke informed the house,that JONAPWD women wing has been registered with Ministry of Women Affairs as an Association through the financial assistance of the Hon. Commissioner for Women and Children Affairs Lady Ndidi Mezue.

Responding to the chairman comments,the chairperson of Association of Women With Disabilities Anambra State Miss Ncheta Nwanokwara explained in detail about JONAPWD women wing achievements so far.

"It is with joy that I announce to us that we the women wing of JONAPWD is now duly registered association with Ministry of Women Affairs Anambra State and this was made possible through the motherly care and affection of our Commissioner of Women Affairs Lady Ndidi Mezue (Digital Commissioner). She single handedly sponsored the registration fee of fifty thousand naira (₦50,000) for our women wing Association.

"I also call on National Association of the Blind Anambra State Women wing and Anambra State Albinism Association women wing to form their women group as the Association of Persons With Physical Disability Anambra State and Nigerian National Association of the Deaf Anambra State Chapter now have theirs. Once it's done we will put a date for our first general meeting and inauguration.

"Again we also grateful to Ministry of Women Affairs for including us in the recent 2021 Annual Mother Summit which 8 of our members drawn from the 4 clusters of JONAPWD Anambra attended the event. What this means is that we are now a recognized body of Anambra Women anytime,all kudos to our digital mummy Lady Ndidi Mezue and Comr. Ugochukwu Okeke-the JONAPWD Chairman for their encougements." Miss Nwanokwara concluded.

Moving forward the chairman also enjoined his members to get involved in the continus voter's card registration that is on going as this is their only right to exercise their franchise in the forth coming governorship election encouraging them that INEC has been making every effort to improve participation of persons with disabilities.

"INEC has started online and physical registration of voter's card,if you have not gotten before or you had issues please do the needful, go to any INEC office in your locality and register and get your PVC ready because our votes will give Anambra state the best Governor in November 6 poll. Comrade Ugochukwu concluded.

The chairman also shared the Jingle about the Anambra State Disability Right Law ASDRL funded by European British Council for the Rule of Law Anti-corruption program RoLAC with JONAPWD, stating that the Jingle which was made available in English and Igbo will be used to sensitize the general public about the Disability Rights Law and it is to be aired on various radio stations across the state.

Finally the 3 members drawn from all the clusters of JONAPWD Anambra with cash prices of #50,000each for 2 persons and a sewing machine to the retaining. Addressing the beneficiaries,Comrade Ugochukwu Ernest Okeke task them to make judicious use of what they have gotten.

"Our aim of empowering you today is encourage your efforts to survive and as well support you to help us train others members which will help achieve our zero tolerance on street begging.

"We expect that you will take time to employ some of members who will indicate interest in learning from the various skills that you have acquired" Comrade Ugochukwu Okeke noted.

Responding the beneficiaries thanked Joint National Association of Persons With Disabilities JONAPWD Anambra State Chapter for counting them worthy to be empowered and promise to make good use of what they got.

"I'm Mr Nnofu Maduabuchi from Aguata Local Government Area and a member of National Association of the Blind, Anambra State Chapter,I'm into cosmetology. I'm very grateful to JONAPWD for giving me the cash of Fifty Thousand Naira (₦50,000). I promise to train 5 of our members into perfume and soap production." Mr Nnofu pledged.

Another beneficiary also expressed her joy. "My name is Miss Juliet Uwaezuoke from Abagana Njikoka Local Government Area,a member of Association of Persons With Physical Disability Anambra State. I'm a fashion designer and with this Fifty Thousand Naira (₦50,000) I promise to train 4 persons free of charge. I'm very grateful to JONAPWD". Miss Uwaezuoke said.

The last beneficiary also appreciated JONAPWD. "Onyeka Joseph is my name,I'm from Awka,Awka South Local Government Area. I'm also a member of Nigeria National Association of the Deaf (NNAD) Anambra State Chapter. I want to thank JONAPWD Anambra for presenting me with this new set of sewing machine. As a tailor I promise to train 3 of our members in male's cloth designing. God bless JONAPWD Anambra for me". Mr Onyeka prayed.

Those present at the meeting include; 220 members of the association, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Utility, Barrister Victor Meju, Special Assistant to the Governor on Sign Language Communication Mr Collins Joseph among others volunteers.

by ugonna Ume :
'21 Aug 10 09:12 pm