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JONAPWD Anambra state is formed in the interest of the following objectves:

1. To ensure/advocate for proper education and vocational training for all persons with disabilities.

2. To promote integration and inclusion of all persons with disabilities into larger society.

3. To promote economic independent of persons with disabilities.

4. Sensitization of the general public on the issues related to disability management.

5. To partner with government and other non- governmental organization in educating persons with disabilities on havoc associated with street begging, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and other social and moral vices so as to promote a healthy society.

6. To render social and employment services for persons with disabilities.

7. To partner with government and other non-governmental organization (local and international) including charitable organizations to actualize the empowerment goals of persons with disabilities.

8. To provide quality counseling to the parents/guardians of persons with disabilities on how to cope with the challenges arising from disability of their wards, that is ensuring acceptability total inclusion and adequate care from the family setting.

9. Encouraging persons with disabilities to become good ambassadors of Christ.


JONAPWD Anambra state, the objectives and aims of JONAPWD Anambra state are carefully programmed and systematic, adopting the following strategies and methods

 1. Research and publications

 2. Capacity building /Training workshops

 3. Civic Education/Enlightenment programs

 4. Legislative and Social Advocacy

 5. Data Base Development and Management

 6. Seminars and Conferences

 7. Special dialogue/Engagement meetings

 8. Public policy dialogues


1. Over 30 Persons with disabilities are gainfully employed in Anambra State.

 2. Reduction of PWDs begging on the streets in Anambra state by 5% through provision of an interest free micro credit facilities to 40 of our members and also training and empowerment of 50 members (20 females & 30 males) on phone repairs and soft wares installation powered by South Saharan Social Development Organization (SSDO).

 3. Mobilized our members to participate actively in the electoral processes and also ensure that they perform other civic responsibilities.

 4. Educating our members on dangers emanating from drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and others social vices.

 5. Sensitization of our members on Budget Processes.


1. Securing jobs for our qualified members in the state civil service commission, Anambra State Universal Basic Education Board, Post Primary School Commission, Federal Civil Service Commission, etc

 2. Secured 10million naira interest free micro credit facility from the State Government to empower our members that are not gainfully employed.

 3. Articulated the Anambra State Disability Rights Bill which has been presented to the State House of Assembly for passage into law.

 4. Produced JONAPWD Charter of Demand which has been sent to the Ministry of Economic, Budget and Planning, Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and three pilot local government areas (Anambra West, Orumba North, Idemili North) for the inclusion of persons with disabilities needs in the state and local government annual budget.

 5. Successfully carried out a six months V2P Innovation Fund Project Phase 11 in the three pilot LGAs on the theme: Setting strategic space to meet the needs of PWDs through advocacy and engagement. The project was funded by DFID, CA and JDPC/CARITAS Onitsha.

 6. Trained and set up an engagement committee in Anambra West, Idemili North and Orumba North LGAs.

 7. rained and set up student's Advocacy Clubs on rights claiming in RECDOT Ozubulu, Special school for the deaf Onitsha and Special group of schools for the deaf and dumb Awka.

 8. Organizing Voter education, workshops and seminars for our members in collaboration with State Accountability and Voice Initiative (SAVI) and JDPC/CARITAS Onitsha.

 9. Attracted a gift of 16 sitter Bus from the state Government.

 10. Secured and ensured regular release of annual subvention to JONAPWD by the State Government.

 11. Establishment of JONAPWD in the thirteen (13) LGAs in Anambra State.

 12. Securing of JONAPWD Annex office at Enugwu-Ukwu.

 13. Increased relationship between JONAPWD and other CSOs and Development Partners in Anambra State.

 14. Membership in the following platforms Advocacy Budget Group (ABG), Equity Social Inclusion Budget Platform (ESIBUP), Tax Justice & Governance Platform (TJ&GP),


Along the course of our struggle at JONAPWD Anambra State, the following are identified to constitute the challenges facing JONAPWD Anambra State/.
 1. Discrimination against our members in marriages by different communities in Anambra State.

 2. Lack of equal opportunity/participation in developmental activities. Eg; No employment quota for PWDs, Stagnating our members in the civil service in a particular position for a long time and lack of encouragement to participate in agricultural sector.

 3. Planning for our members without involving them.

 4. Lack of encouragement to live independently.

 5. Inaccessibility of public structures for the physically-challenged and poor access to critical life-saving information especially for the hearing impaired.

 6. Denial of elective positions/appointments in the community, local government and even at the state level.

 7. Lack of legislation to protect the rights of persons with disabilities in Anambra State.

 8. Inadequate provision of facilities for special education and scholarship schemes to PWDs.

 9. Lack of free medical care to PWDs.